Web 2.0 Backlinks

Web 2.0 = 100% user operated interactive websites; often free blogs, social media profiles, and similar web pages
Web 2.0 sites often have great blogging platforms that give ample opportunity to find some SEO backlink juice on the net.  Often times you’ll get your own profile or subdomain where you will be able to add your own content, multimedia, and linking.  This is the key to building strong web 2.0 backlinks, good content.  You need unique, well written content that is keyword targeted and will provide a strong backbone to your backlinks.  The more content the better, just stay away from any duplicate or scraped sources, there’s more negative repercussions than positive ones if duped content is used. Most of these sites can rank a PR1 or higher eventually if the content is strong.
The other strength with creating your own content and web 2.0 pages is that you get to choose the anchor text that is used on your links.  Helping your aim your inbound links with specific anchor text of keywords your trying to rank for.  This is especially valuable when creating backlinks for deeper pages that are highly specified in the search engine rankings it is trying to reach, place a lot of strong contextual web 2.0 links and you’ll see results quickly.
SEO Tips for Web 2.0:
  • Write strong, unique content that is targeted toward your keyword research
  • Add video and images to make your web 2.0′s page rank and SERP weight rise quickly
  • Anchor text is very valuable, use toward optimized keywords
  • You can find additional backlink opportunities by browsing for comments and link lists on other people’s web 2.0′s
  • Keep updating your web 2.0′s with more content and backlinks
  • Send pings to any newly created content/updates
SEO Top 10 Web 2.0 Sites:
  • WordPress.com
  • Squidoo.com
  • Hubpages.com
  • Livejournal.com
  • Blogger.com
  • Wetpaint.com
  • Wikispaces.com
  • Gather.com
  • Blurty.com
Any of these sites provide a good platform for you to create quality 1st tier backlinks to your main domain.  This is a winning combination of quality content and multimedia to build powerful contextual linking that develops strong relationships with your niche and keywords.  This 1st tier can be regularly added onto and developed over time to find more authority and weight by Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  The search engine spiders will recognize the updates and improved content with the newly added links, giving you link juice that will last overtime and often develop into higher page rank over time.
SEO Hint Web 2.0 properties can be valuable 1st tier backlinks, but if you do additional 2nd tier backlinking to those web 2.0′s, you’ll see the benefits maximized and even more link juice passed onto your main site.  The 2nd tier can be of lower quality, and hopefully higher quantity, because they are buffered from your main site.  Who cares if your 1st tier Web 2.0′s are sandboxed, as long as your main domain isn’t!
Complete Web 2.0 List – Plenty of Sites to get your SEO Link-building started!
Bebop – Compare music calendar against your iTunes catalogue. www.bebopular.com
Clickcaster – Record, license, publish & promote your radio show. www.clickcaster.com
Difm – Radio community. www.di.fm
Dottunes – Share your iTunes. www.dottunes.net
Enablr – Transcribe podcasts, Text2Snailmail  www.enablr.com
Fluctu8 – Create & share your sourcelists. fluctu8.com
Gcast – Podcasting tools & hosting. www.gcast.com
Genie lab – Explore, recommend & rate music. genielab.com
Itunes love – Share your music tastes. www.ituneslove.com
Jamendo – Review, tag, rate & share music. www.jamendo.com/en/
Lastfm* – Profile your taste, share, personalize your radio. www.last.fm
Mercora – Search music & get recommendations. search.mercora.com
Muiso – Track your taste, get recommendations. muiso.com
Music mobs – Share your tastes & find music. www.musicmobs.com
Music strands – Tag, share & post music community. www.musicstrands.com
Odeo – Record & share audio. www.odeo.com
Pandora* – Personalized radio. pandora.com
Plurn – List, listen to, create & share music. www.plurn.com
Pod bop – Listen to bands that visit your city (Eventful mash-up). podbop.org
Podomatic – Create, find & broadcast podcasts. www.podomatic.com
Poperti – Save your mp3 on a pop email account. www.poperti.com
Predixis – Discover, manage & enjoy music. www.predixis.com
Purevolume – Music community. www.poperti.com
Radio time – Personalize radio. myradiotime.com
Streaming Radio Stations – Choose a type/style/gendre of tunes. www.friendlycanadian.com/mp3s/
Streampad – List, listen & share your music (= several mash-ups). www.streampad.com
Upto11 – Discover & share music. upto11.net
Webjay – Playlist community. www.webjay.org
Talkr – Converts blog text to podcasts. www.talkr.com
Bitty – Embed content from Web services. bitty.com
Blogburst – Syndicate blogs to mainstream media sites. www.blogburst.com
Blog code – Start blog & find similar ones. www.blogcode.com
Blogger snap – Add your webcam snapshot to any blog. www.bloggersnap.com
Blog goggle – Categorize & rate pro bloggers. www.bloggoggle.com
Bloglet – Notification2email. www.bloglet.com
Blogs – Notification2email. blo.gs
Blurb – Turn your blog into a book. www.blurb.com
Cocomment – Track back your commentosphere. www.cocomment.com
Feedblitz – Notification2email. www.feedblitz.com
Freevlog – Set up free video blog. www.freevlog.org
Lifetype – Blogging software. www.lifetype.net
Measure map – Blog stats. measuremap.com
Qumana – Edit your blog. www.qumana.com
Structured blogging – Create, edit & maintain all posts. structuredblogging.org
Textamerica – Mobile blog. www.textamerica.com
Xanco~ – Mobile phlog & vlog. www.xanco.com
Blip – Get video & podcasting on your blog. www.blip.tv
Blog ladder – Create & maintain your blog. www.blogladder.com
Blogniscient – Rank & read blog articles. www.blogniscient.com
Bloxor – Maintain & use your blogroll online. www.bloxor.com
9rules – Validate & share links to content. 9rules.com
All your words – Associate & share words with links. www.allyourwords.com
Blinkist – Social bookmarking. www.blinklist.com
Blogmarks – Social bookmarking. www.blogmarks.net
Blummy – Manage your bookmarks. www.blummy.com
Bmaccess – Social bookmarking with thumbs. www.bmaccess.net
Buddy marks – Social bookmarking. www.buddymarks.com
Butterfly~ – Bookmark & annotate. www.butterflyproject.nl
Chuquet – Find buzzes. www.chuquet.com
Clipmarks – Social clipping. www.clipmarks.com
Common Times – Social bookmarking & clippings. www.commontimes.org
Connotea – Social bookmarking (for reseacrhers). www.connotea.org
Delicious – Social bookmarking. del.icio.us
Digg – Social bookmarking. www.digg.com
Diigo – Social bookmarking on steroids. www.diigo.com
Dogear – Social bookmarking. www.eigology.com/dogear/
Feed marker – Social bookmarking for news. www.feedmarker.com
Furl – Clip, store & share web pages. www.furl.net
Hyperlinkomatic – Social bookmarking. www.hyperlinkomatic.com
Icio – Social bookmarking & rating. www.icio.de
Jeteye – Clip & share (parts of) web pages. www.jeteye.com
Listible – Folksonomied software & code search. www.listible.com
List Mixer – Social bookmarking (temporary links). listmixer.com
Live Marks – Live update of Delicious. sandbox.sourcelabs.com/livemarks
Look later – Private bookmarking. www.looklater.com
Lookmarks – Social bookmarking. www.lookmarks.com
Magnolia – Social bookmarking & voting. ma.gnolia.com
Mylinkvault – Social bookmarking. www.mylinkvault.com
Onlywire – Social bookmarking aggregator. www.onlywire.com
Philoi – Social bookmarking. www.philoi.com
Qoosa – Social bookmarking. www.qoosa.com
Searchfox – Social bookmarking. www.searchfox.com
Shadows – Social bookmarking. shadows.com
Simpy – Social bookmarking, tagging & search. www.simpy.com
Socialmarks – Social bookmarking. www.socialmarks.com
Spinspy – Social bookmarking & ranking. www.spinspy.com
Spurl – Social – Bookmarking & search. www.spurl.net
Startaid – Manage & share your (thumb) bookmarks. www.startaid.com
Stumble Upon – Social bookmarking (random sharing). www.stumbleupon.com
Surftail – Share your click paths. www.surftail.com
Taggle – Social bookmarking, tagged (German). www.taggle.de
Tagtooga – Social bookmarking. www.tagtooga.com
Tendango – Top 10 social bookmarking. www.tendango.com
Thumblicio.us – Displays thumbs of most pupular del.icio.us sites. thumblicio.us
Yahoo Myweb2 – Social bookmarking. myweb2.search.yahoo.com
Yoono – Save your bookmarks and manage your feeds  www.yoono.com
Camino – Mozilla power & Mac style browser. www.caminobrowser.org
Flock – Lightweight browser. www.flock.com
30boxes – Manage & share calendar. 30boxes.com
Calendar hub – Create & share calendars. www.calendarhub.com
Eventful – Create & share events. eventful.com
Eventicus – Create & share events. www.eventicus.de
Event sniper – Mix your event calendar with feeds. www.eventsniper.com
Hipcal – Manage & share calendar & to do lists. www.hipcal.com
Meet with approval – Arrange meetings & events online. www.meetwithapproval.com
Mosuki – Arrange meetings & events online. mosuki.com
Planzo – Arrange meetings & events online & thru sms. planzo.com
Skobee – Arrange meetings & events online. www.skobee.com
Sponge cell – Arrange meetings & events online; with a.i. spongecell.com
Tilika – Share calendars. www.tilika.com
Trumba – Create& share events. www.trumba.com
Upcoming – Create, manage & share events. upcoming.org
CHAT 2.0
3bubbles – Add a chatroom to your blog. www.3bubbles.com
Ajchat – Create chat rooms. www.ajchat.com
Campfire – Permalinked chat. www.campfirenow.com
Chatsum* – Chat with & leave messages same-site-visitors. www.chatsum.com
Conversate – Create your own chat. www.conversate.org
PeekoChat – Make every site a ‘place’ (Firefox plug-in). peekko.com/chat/
Zohochat – Create your own chat room. zohochat.com
Ekklesia – CMS for churches. www.ekklesia-systems.com
Loudblog – CMS inc. RSS. www.loudblog.de
HIVchat – www.hiv-aids-chat.com
Pmachine – CMS. www.pmachine.com/ee/
Tinymce – Wysiwyg editor. tinymce.moxiecode.com
Askeet – Ask & answer it. www.askeet.com
Asoboo – Find people & places in your city. asoboo.com
Favorville – People helping people. www.favorville.com
Foldera – Organize & share all work based documents. www.foldera.com
Hubpages – Share your genius. www.hubpages.com
Ifolder – Filesharing for groups. www.ifolder.com
Jotspot – Take one set of notes, live. www.jotlive.com
Lime – Help & inspire eachother. lime.com
Mayomi – Mind map & share. www.mayomi.com
People2pray – Manage & share prayer requests. www.people2pray.com
Qype – Find & recommend best spots in town. qype.com
Rally point – Share knowledge. www.rallypointhq.com
Redlettr – Tag & comment the bible. www.desertfather.com
Rel8r – Tag, read, search blogs. www.rel8r.com
Rrove – Save & share places. www.rrove.com
Say-So – Share problems & get advise. www.say-so.org
Socialight – Share pictures & notes with your cell phone. socialight.com
Standpoint – Share & evangelize convictions. www.standpoint.com
Study buddy – Share notecards. www.studybuddy.info
Tracbac – Share, comment, revise & collaborate. www.tracbac.com
Vizu – Create, share & vote for polls. www.vizu.com
Webbrush – Collaborative drawing, charting, etc. www.stanfy.com/dev/webbrush/
What should i read next – Share your bookshelve. whatshouldireadnext.com
Wobblog – Rank & share blog postings. www.wobblog.com
Zimbra – Work & communicate together. www.zimbra.com
Librarious – Catalogue your collection. lib.rario.us
Librarything – Catalogue & share your library. www.librarything.com
Unalog – Share what you read, in groups. unalog.com
Comics – Create & share comics. www.mainada.net/comics/
Comic Strip Generator – Personalize cartoon strips. www.comicstripgenerator.com
Quicktoons – Create & share comics. www.quicktoons.com
E-messenger – Ajax messengers. www.e-messenger.net
E-messenger – Integrates several messengers. www.e-messenger.net
Gtalkr – Google Talk, Flickr, YouTube, feeds. gtalkr.com
Iglance – Push-to-talk videoconf and screen-sharing. www.iglance.com
Imeem – Share words, files & people (on messenger). www.imeem.com
Imvu – 3D messenger. www.imvu.com
Iotum – Sorts & processes calls on relevance. www.iotum.com
Jabphone – Messenger2phone. www.jabphone.com
Jumpclaimer – Inform your relatives about your whereabouts thru sms. www.jumpclaimer.com
Kopete – Universal messenger. kopete.kde.org
Mabber – Mobile messenger. www.mabber.com
Meebo – Integrates several messengers. www.meebo.com
Skylook – Record & store all Skype communications. www.skylook.biz
Skype – Call, conference, messenger, file sharing. www.skype.com
Slawesome – Add voice to your email. www.slawesome.com
Soonr – Mobile 2 web & v.v. www.soonr.com
Stickam* – Multimedia communication tool. www.stickam.com
Tello – Locate & collaborate with your key contacts. www.tello.com
Userplane – Chat, messenger, record. www.userplane.com
V4s – Add voice to your email. www.orb.com/skype/
Vyew – Web based video conferencing. vyew.com
Waxmail – Add voice to your email. www.waxmail.biz
Web2messenger – Send messages from web 2 messenger. www.web2messenger.com
43people – Tag based matching & dating. www.43people.com
Ask Me That – Public help forums. www.askmethat.com
43places – Publish & share stories about places. www.43places.com
Blogtronix – Blogging & corporate community software. www.blogtronix.com
Communitywalk – Share places & routes (map mash-up). www.communitywalk.com
Consumating – Tag based dating. www.consumating.com
Create & Participate in communities. www.towncrossing.com
Dodgeball – Hook in with your mobile & meet friends. www.dodgeball.com
Doostang – Community for professionals. www.doostang.com
Facebook – Student communities. www.facebook.com
Frappr – Put your group on the map, share photos. www.frappr.com
Friendster – Connect with friends. www.friendster.com
Groups – Create groups & share content. grou.ps
HIV/AIDSforum – www.hivforum.com
HumanPages – Philanthropic “LinkedIn-Like” People Search. www.humanpages.com
Ikarma – Document & promote your reputation. ikarma.com
Linkedin – Manage and share your cv. www.linkedin.com
Livejournal – Join or create your own community. www.livejournal.com
Lovento – Find friends & events. www.lovento.com
Mapmix. Find your friends (map mash-up).www.mapmix.com
Meetro – Find friends nearby (thru messenger). www.meetro.com
Meetup – Find common interests & organize meetings. www.meetup.com
Mologogo – Share where you are. www.mologogo.com
Mozes – Share information & people thru your mobile. mozes.com
MySpace – Communicate with & share content with your friends. www.myspace.com
OpenBC – Community for entrepreneurs & professionals. www.openbc.com
Opinity – Manage your reputation. www.opinity.com
Orkut – Connect to your friends. www.orkut.com
Partysync – Meet & sms people. group.partysync.com
Peerprofile – Publish & share your profiles. www.peerprofile.com
Peertrainer – Buddy up, slim down. www.peertrainer.com
Phusebox – Community for sophisticated people. phusebox.net
Piczo – Create & share website. piczo.com
Placesite – Wi-fi portal & location communities. www.placesite.com
Plum – Collect, share, connect. www.plum.com
Poddater – Create vodcast & connect. www.poddater.com
Pooln – Schedule your car pooling. www.pooln.com
Rabble – Create it & share it mobile. www.rabble.com
Tagalag – Tag & map your contacts. www.tagalag.com
Theblackstripe – Upload & share photos. www.theblackstripe.com
Tinfinger – Search persons. www.tinfinger.com
Towncrossing – Find & Link to Friends. towncrossing.com
Twocrowds – Share & vote for predictions. www.twocrowds.com
Vcarious – Travel community. www.vcarious.com
Wallop – Phlog & interact. mywallop.com
Xanga – Blog rings. www.xanga.com
Zaadz~ – Network of inspired people. www.zaadz.com
Ziggs – Index of professionals. www.ziggs.com
Zoominfo* – Search persons; create your own page. www.zoominfo.com
CRM 2.0
24sevenoffice – Web-based crm & erp. www.24sevenoffice.com
Helpspot – Wen nased help desk software. www.userscape.com
Pushcrm – Web-based crm. pushcrm.com
Simpleticket – Helpdesk solution. www.simpleticket.net
Userscape – Web based help desk portal. www.userscape.com
Zohocrm – Web-based crm. www.zohocrm.com
Turbodbadmin – Online dbase in Ajax. www.turboajax.com/turbodbadmin.html
Betterdesktop – Share usability tests. www.betterdesktop.org
Sign Generators. www.customsigngenerator.com
Flickrlogomakr – Make Flickr-like logo in a second. flickr.org
Online Logo Designer. www.text2logo.com
Desktop Wallpaper Creator. www.wallpapergenerator.com
PreviewHTML – Preview your HTML source codes. www.previewhtml.com
Netcocktail – Share color schemes. www.netcocktail.com
Custom Banner Advertising Ads. www.bannergenerator.org
Neurosky – Bionic interface technology. www.neurosky.com
OK-cancel. Collaboration on interface design. www.ok-cancel.com
Warning Label Maker. www.dangersigngenerator.com
Typetester – Compare screen type. www.typetester.maratz.com
Hide Text From Spambots. www.txt2png.com
Wufoo – Build & host forms. www.wufoo.com
Watermark Images www.signgeneratormaker.com
Visualthesaurus – Find & visualize synonyms. www.visualthesaurus.com
12 Wists – Share shopping lists. www.wists.com
43deals – Find best deals. www.43deals.com
Adgenta – Add ads to your site, blog or rss feed. www.adgenta.com
Amazon – Shop, sell, review & rank. www.amazon.com
Auctionmapper – Map Ebay auctions. www.auctionmapper.com
Bigcartel – Start, review & recommend online shops. bigcartel.com
Blish – Buy & sell digital things. www.blish.com
Broadbandgenie – Find best provider. www.broadbandgenie.co.uk
CafePress – Free to design, sell, buy custom products. www.cafepress.com
CafePress Live JavaScript Feed. www.web20appz.com/cafepress/javascript.asp
Carbonmade – Publish & manage your portfolio online. www.carbonmade.com
Clipfire – Shop search engine & community. www.clipfire.com
Closo – Start & advertise your online shop. www.closo.com
Cooqy – Find things faster on Ebay (client). www.cooqy.com
Coverpop – Mash-ups of everything. www.coverpop.com
Darmik – Sell & share profits with charities. www.darmik.com
Ebay* – Sell, rate & buy; auction. www.ebay.com
Etsy – Buy & sell handmade things. www.etsy.com
Flyspy – Graph all of your choices in air travel. www.flyspy.com
Fotogopo – Animated local route map; Google Maps & Geocoder mash-up. www.fotogopo.com
Froogle* – Local shopping search engine; Google Maps mash-up. www.google.com/sellonfroogle
Garbagescout – Find treasures on NY streets; Google Maps mash-up. www.garbagescout.com
Gumshoo – Auction analyzer; Ebay mash-up. www.gumshoo.com
Hawkee – Tagged price comparison. www.hawkee.com
Homethinking – Search, find, contact & review realtors. www.homethinking.com
Hotpads – Houses for rent. hotpads.com
Inods – Shopping review aggregator. inods.com
Insideflyer – Convert loyalty points. insideflyer.com
Judysbook – Review & rate your neighborhood. www.judysbook.com
Kayak Buzz – Find cheap destinations; Google Maps mash-up. www.kayak.com/h/buzz/flights
Licketyship – Home-delivery supermarket; retail & couriers co-operation. www.licketyship.com
Licketytrip – Last minute vacation rentals (map mash-up). www.licketytrip.com
Lopico – Social business directory. www.lopico.com
Mapeire – User generated lowest price finder; Google Maps mash-up. www.mapeire.com
Motionmall – Design & insert webads. www.motionmall.com
Paguna – Travel booking with 1 page Ajax interface. www.paguna.com
Peerflix – List & trade DVDs. www.peerflix.com
Pricenoia – Amazon price comparison. www.pricenoia.com
Qoop – Publish & sell photos & photo products. www.qoop.com
Redtoucan – Share photos & review products. www.redtoucan.com
Reevoo – Review & buy electronics. www.reevoo.com
Revver – Upload, share or sell your videos. www.revver.com
Savedsearchpro – Find Ebay deals easier. www.savedsearchpro.com
Shoposphere* – Create & share pick lists. shopping.yahoo.com/shoposphere
Site flavored Google* – Tailor adwords to your site. www.google.com/services/siteflavored.html
Sofortpreis – Mobile shopping assistant. www.sofortpreis.de
Souki~ – Local shop search. www.souki.com
Spymedia – Publish & sell news photos. www.spymedia.com
Stylehive – Get recommendations fitting your product interests. www.shopify.com
Tenbills – Design & buy your T. www.tenbills.com
Thandora – Tag based search in yellow pages. www.thandora.com
Tictap – Price comparison for mobile. www.tictap.com
Tnook – Build, manage & trade your collections. www.tnook.com
Wazima – Coupon aggregator. www.wazima.com
Web20milliondollarhomepage – Pixel ads. www.web20milliondollarhomepage.com
Wists – Social shopping. www.wists.com
Wuraweb – Find local prices & credentials. www.wuraweb.com
Yelp – Find, review & discuss local restaurants etc. www.yelp.com
Yub – Meet, hang & get discounts in shopping mall. www.yub.com
Zazzle – Design, sell & buy custom goods. www.zazzle.com
Zillow – Get your home valuated (map mash-up). www.zillow.com
Zipingo – Find local business based on community input. www.zipingo.com
Aidpage – People help people. www.aidpage.com
Associatedcontent – Produce & publish content, get paid. www.associatedcontent.com
Billmonk – Manage debts. www.billmonk.com
Castingwords – Get your podcasts transcribed. castingwords.com
Couchsurfing* – Home swapping & holiday dating. www.couchsurfing.com
Daylo – Contribute to local yellow pages. daylo.com
Democracy2.0* – Consumers/Citizens unite! d2.stevemagruder.com
Donorschoose – Donate to schools. www.donorschoose.org
Elevatorpitch – Upload, read & rate pitches. www.yourelevatorpitch.com
Fundable – Pledge for funding. www.fundable.org
Gather – Share passions & get paid. gather.com
Givebobadollar – Begging. www.givebobadollar.com
Givemeaning – Give or take fundraising community. www.givemeaning.com
Givezilla – Create fundraising storefront. www.givezilla.com
Google answers – Get your questions answered for money. answers.google.com/answers/
Ikarma – Document & promote your reputation. ikarma.com
Lendmonkey – Trade everything. www.lendmonkey.com
Listsomething – Share any list to buy & sell things, services. www.listsomething.com
Million dollar homepage* – Buy pixels to finance study. www.milliondollarhomepage.com
Mturk – Complete simple tasks & get paid. www.mturk.com
Myfreelanceauction – Buy or sell web services. myfreelanceauction.com
Oolsi – Share links to free things. www.oolsi.com
Prosper – P2P lending. www.prosper.com
Rawsugar – Social bookmarking directory & revenue sharing. www.rawsugar.com
Secondlifeboutique – Buy real things with virtuaa money. slboutique.com
Smarkets – Stock markets for products. www.smarkets.net
Smashmyviper – Buy pixels to destroy car. www.smashmyviper.com
Stuffopolis – Keep track of things you lend or borrow. www.stuffopolis.com
Swabba – Online garage sale (German). www.swabba.de
Zopa – P2P banking services. www.zopa.com
Elgg – Open source e-learning software. elgg.org
Nuvvo – On demand elearning. www.nuvvo.com
Medical Portal. www.medchecker.com
Dropsend – Email large files. www.dropsend.com
Mail2RSS – Inmail2RSS. www.mail2rss.org
Myemail – Check email anywhere. myemail.com
Newsletterarchive* – Store & share your newsletters. www.newsletterarchive.org
Onesens – Send teasing webmail messages. www.onesens.com
Quickmail – Email2RSS. quickmail.johanfitie.com
Sendspace – Email large files. www.sendspace.com
Tempinbox – Receive inmail anonymously. www.tempinbox.com
Trustmymail – Spam filter based on your circle of contacts. www.trustmymail.com
Yousendit – Email large files. www.yousendit.com
Irows – Web based spreadsheet. www.irows.com
Numbler – Excel spreadsheet online. numbler.com
Numsum – Collaborate online on spreadsheets. numsum.com
Sundera – Collaborate online on spreadsheets. www.sundera.com
Bittorrent – Share files & bandwidth. www.bittorrent.com
Civilnetizen – File swapping. www.civilnetizen.com
Lphanr – Multi compatible P2P file sharing. www.lphant.com
Blinksale – Web-based invoicing. www.blinksale.com
Dimewise – Manage your finances. www.dimewise.com
Frugalbetty – Manage your spendings. frugalbetty.com
Ioweyou – Manage loans & shared expenses. www.ioweyou.co.uk
Networthiq – Track, share & compare your net worth. www.networthiq.com
Secondsite – Web-based invoicing. www.secondsite.biz
Secondssite. Finance tools. www.secondsite.biz
FUN 2.0
Beggr – Give me your money. www.beggr.com
Comedy Search Engine – Thousands of comedy links. www.comedysearchengine.com
Sign Generators (Flash). www.signgenerator.net
Web2.0validator – Screen your website on 2.0. web2.0validator.com
* Poserfish – P2P betting, free. www.poserfish.com
Alexadex* – Buy & sell shares in sites. Alexa mash-up. alexadex.com
Arcaplay – Rate & share games. arcaplay.com
SHoot the Celebrities (celeb SHoot-out). www.famousdefaces.com
Averageshoveler – Game & RSS news mash-up. www.zanni.org
Bliss – Customize game to couple’s needs. www.gamesforloving.com
Bunchball – Play games with your friends. www.bunchball.com
Fastr – Guess game; Flickr mash-up. - randomchaos.com
Gibbity – Contribute & review games. www.gibbity.com
Guess-the-google – Guess game; Google mash-up. grant.robinson.name
Imstar – IM & game with your 3D avatar. imstar.com
Ispott – Mobile treasure hunt. www.ispott.com
Llor – Build your street. www.llor.nu
Memory – Memory + Yahoo images mash-up. bryngfors.com
Millionsofgames – Review & share games. www.millionsofgames.com
Montage-a-google – Tag based random photo montage; Google mash-up. grant.robinson.name
Multitap – Share, rate, discuss & categorize screenshots. multitap.net
Phrasr – Add photos to phrases; Flickr mash-up. www.pimpampum.net
Spell with Flickr – Spell names with photos; Flickr mash-up. metaatem.net
30gigs – Store your data. www.30gigs.com
4shared – Upload & share files. 4shared.com
Allmydata – Store & share your data. www.allmydata.com
Bolt – Watch, upload & share media. www.bolt.com
Box – Store & share data. www.box.net
Bryght – Create & maintain a community. www.bryght.com
Gdisk – Hosting thru Gmail. gdisk.sourceforge.net
Grokthis – Aplication hosting. www.grokthis.net
Hula – Manage calendars & email. www.hula-project.org
Joyent – ASP hosting of email, calendars, contacts… www.joyent.com
Mailbigfile – Mail large files. www.mailbigfile.com
Mozy – Upload & backup your files. www.mozy.com
Multiply – Store, share & discuss your data. multiply.com
Omnidrive – Store & access data. www.omnidrive.com.au
Openomy – Upload your files & use extra apps. www.openomy.com
Ourmedia – Store & share data. www.ourmedia.org
Pando* – Store & share data. www.pando.com
Putfwd – Store & exchange data. www.putfwd.com
Railsbase – Application hosring (Ruby-based). railsbase.com
Smartimagine – Store & manage your image & media files.
Sproutit – Manage your email – www.sproutit.com
Store & share audio, video, clippings. www.esnips.com
Strongspace – Upload, store, back-up & share your files. www.strongspace.com
TextDrive – Hosted applications. www.textdrive.com
Vast – Build and Augment Your Own Services. vast.com
Xdrive – Store & share your data. www.xdrive.com
Xmailharddrive – Store data thru Gmail. www.xmailharddrive.com
Z+ingee – Store & share files. www.zingee.com
Calaimid – Manage your online identity. claimid.com
Myme – Create your online avatar. www.my-me.com
Sxip – Control personal digital identity. www.sxip.com

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