Techniques For Effective Page SEO Tactics

There are very many aspects to SEO, but the search engines basically hope you will provide a good user experience. There are two parts to search engine optimization, and they are called on-page and off-page factors, today we will discuss the on-page elements.

It is possible to have too many outgoing links from your site, and that is something you have to exercise caution about. The very general rule of thumb is this number has to be much less than what you have coming in. You never want to ever be mistaken as a site that is solely for linking. All you really need to do is link to strong authority sites, and that means you will not have very many. You should never have more than one hundred, and we think you should never have more than a dozen or so. It is a fact that some considerations on your site are expressly for Google and other engines. Google and you share the same customer base, so it only makes sense to want to deliver a good product. Next, make mention of your keyword in your title tag for your webpage since search engine preference is higher for these tags when ranking webpages. Be sure to keep it focused and not overcrowded with too many keywords though since doing this will confuse the search engines. You'll get the most benefit by keeping your keywords down to one or two and avoiding the use of special characters. If you want to avoid being overlooked don't make the mistake of leaving your title page unmarked. The better your title tag the better chance you have of getting the ranking you want for your keyword.

Most marketers recommend to avoid using hyphens in the URL because it has been seen that search engines usually favor websites that don't have hyphens in their URL. But, there are no totally solid reasons to avoid using them, so it really is your call. But again, limit these hyphens to one or two; anything more than that is not healthy. So as you can see from the above information on Page SEO is all about using the right techniques and elements. Now that you have a clearer picture of the relationship between your site and search engines it will be a lot easier for you to enhance this bond with the right on page and off page SEO.

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