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I remember when I was finishing my e book "Strategic Planejamento Digital" and went to JWT to talk to one in the best planners in Brazil, the "master" Ken Fujioka. During our excellent talk, Ken told me that, from their point of view, we, the planners, we discover the customer's problem , a problem that often the client does not know it exists.

That phrase built me postpone my e book in 15 days given that I returned home run to find a place to fit in that dialogue that Ken had in his room Fuijoka JWT, one in the largest and most respected advertising agencies within the world.

Not only did I put that phrase within the e book, but I use that concept in my professional life. For me, planning has got to encourage the client, looking at you and says "I know both his product or service, brand name and consumer, which I believe you require to go that route . " That is, we do not require a brief of our client saying what we ought to do. We require to sit with him and teach him what is needed.

I can be getting pretentious saying the agency ought to conduct a briefing to the customer and not vice versa, since the promote is made use of given that the 50's, but now the client wants a partner, wants not just a consulting agency that runs the commanded you.

The model of customer service, pick up the brief and bring it to the agency is dying. I'm not saying here that tomorrow everything will change. It will choose, but it's going to die, given that that is not what customers want. I've seen many agencies complaining that the client is open to other competitors, closing projects with other agencies and customers complaining that the agency serves them as they ought to.

This is happening because we live in is outdated model. The consumer has changed the way persons communicate with that consumer items are innovative ... it's time to innovate the process too, because if the agency is passive, aggressive will be another customer.

Another high-caliber professional, Paul Giovanni, set up a different agency that promises to devote a handful of customers. Paulo investigated and noticed that 30% of advertisers choose to change agencies in 2011 because many do not understand the background towards your customer or product or service and do not enable solve problems. Just run what is commanded.

Agencies have to have promote intelligence , understanding the customer, in-depth research to find solutions that are related towards your client and not just thinking that execute an order placing a banner about the homepage of a portal will solve the problem or saying " going to be in social networks following week, "because this will not operate. Social networks are methods for long-term average . No brand name is Charlie Sheen to get 1.two million followers in two days.

In short, what the planners have to complete is use our time to propose solutions to our client. Not made use of to enter a "journey" of creating and presenting everything. We have some using a base, which seeks ways of meeting that is focused brand name and target audience. We are responsible for routing the brand name, then we use our knowledge to identify problems and present solutions!


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