Add More Media, Get Better Rankings

If you want to improve the visibility and user-friendliness of your website the use of images has got to be part of your solution. If you want to have good SEO results and rankings than images must be placed on your  posts and pages. Images not only gain more holding weight from search engine spiders and ranking results, they will also give you added inbound links from photo sharing sites and directories like Flickr. This is one of the best ways to make your website more attractive and impressive. It will be of great help for driving readers to visit your site and give them added reasons to check your site on a regular basis.
Captivating images can go viral
Google images has a huge collection of photos gathered along the web, they crawl and index pictures regularly including HTML and CSS meta tags. If your company is looking for the latest or best-looking website in the world, then you have to search it on Google images. Your business owner does not have to hire the world’s best website image maker, but images and media is a powerful way to connect and be found by search engine browsers. Google images indexes pictures immediately and will give added significance to the weight and overall rankings of your website.  When they find original images attached with keywords, they’ll match your contribution with the correct keyword ranking results. Because all your work is done by experts, hopefully, and all this expertise quality of image developing will shine through and establish your authority throughout Google, from web results to 1,000′s of images.
SEO Tips – Images:
  • Try to add at least 1 picture per page/post on your domain to get benefits in rankings
  • Add full, quality descriptions, titles, file name, etc and target keywords
  • Distribute through social media networks (FB, Google Plus,, more)
  • Add to photo sharing sites – Flickr, etc
  • Gain backlinks and try to use anchor text in any place possible
Video marketing is a bit more detailed and time consuming than that of creating images. Yet there is no better way to gain attraction and build brand awareness than a quality video marketing campaign through the viral networks of Youtube, Vimeo, and more. Big businesses and organizations hire expert video makers for regular editing of videos that is of different kinds and also for different purposes. Today, video marketing is so important to improve or to enhance one’s business activities and it is also necessary to describe goods and services fully. It also helps in achieving several tasks like it shows different parts of products at one time making it highly demanded.
Angry Birds Video Marketing - 1,000,000's++ of Youtube Viewers
Viral videos are the goal, whether its weird, odd, funny, nerdy, goofy, whatever.  Shock and awe works great in online marketing, people want to be surprised, amazed, and intrigued.  Stale and boring power point like videos are not shared very much.  Crazy, insane footage with a quick clip to the brand at the end might be shared a million or more times within a week if people love the footage.  Thats the true insane power of Youtube, but you’ve got to be working with some original, and awesome footage to get a hold on teh sharing popularity of today’s insanely high paced Youtube.
SEO Tips – Videos:
  • Fill out all descriptions, titles, meta with keywords
  • Search engines love seeing original video content
  • Gain backlinks from leading video sharing sites
  • Distribute videos on profiles with inbound links and get as many views possible
Unique media search engine marketing means that you are developing modern, high tech content for your website to spur conversation in the midst of your readers. Whether you are distributing on your site, in social media, or even news outlets, great media can be use as the launching protection for an enormous discussion concerning the topic of your matter of media information. For this matter content syndication is needed to immense your readers and your video or image to online sources. Content syndication takes time to go through manually and submit your images and video with the added content necessary.  There are really not any shortcuts for this, especially if you want to receive the best benefits and long-term success.
If it is not uniquely written, then the article or document is not going to stay indexed by Google, and Panda may devalue the distributed media that is needed for achievement of a long period business. Anybody who has dabbled into search engine optimization (SEO) knows that unique media or content stages a significant role in your online success. Readers and search engine spiders a like are getting smarter and smarter, now they demand useful content and well written information. Search engine spiders are used to apply sophisticated algorithms in millions of different keyword results to weed out duplicate, scraped, and junk content. Unique media creations of images, videos, and text will help your domain maintain strength and positive energy toward your search rankings.
For SEO purposes, the use of diversifying media uploads is extremely interesting, since it diversifies styles of media and your backlinks that are promoting your business from hundreds, or thousands of sites. This established network of mixed media types will serve your well to to promote business with the help of diverse online audiences. As for those who have not heard yet, diversifying media uploads is a type of business developing strategy designed for any corporation. Keep mixing up your upload strategies and seek to make things more profitable through better sales, quantity obtained, new products plus new markets.
If you are a publisher or marketer seeking to build up the web presence for your company, to increase your website traffic, to promote your services and products, to achieve the sales you desire and expand the value of your investment –the efforts of social media optimization or (SMO) through image/video creation and SEO can be your best weapon.

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