Connect Google Plus with your Blog

Authorship has become increasingly important to Google and their search algorithm over the past 3 years. This really comes in line with their philosophies toward consistently improving their search result quality for users.  Matt Cutts has said numerous times that Panda is created to eliminate duplicate content and scraped results so that users get original, diverse sources of information based on their keywords.
Why connect your blog to Google?
  1. Better rankings as a recognized authority for your niche
  2. Once Google has realized the author(s) of a blog/site, they can easily identify all scraped, copied, stolen, and duplicate content that is reproduced off your original work
  3. Greater quality control for Google results – only show original content sources, no duplicates
Google Plus "Get Started" Page
Where to find “Direct Connect” on Google Plus?
  • Sign into Google Plus
  • Click “Get Started”
  • Scroll down and select “Google + Direct Connect”
What steps are needed to connect your Google Plus page and blog?
  1. Add the Google + Badge to your website
  2. Link to your website from your Google + page
  3. Get as many +1′s from readers and peers to help get your blog noticed!
    Google's Tips for Connecting
Now this will not occur instantaneously, it takes time for Google to full recognize the association between your social media account and website.  Depending on how important or high your authority is, will directly correlate to how quickly the identification process will occur.  I’ve seen a lot of the top guys in SEO get their blogs recognized within a week or two, while other sites, including quality companies, may take a month or more.
So there’s a couple of things you want to do to get your Google Plus page connected quickly, setup the badge, link from your Google Plus profile, and start writing good content.  The more you are recognized around the web that sooner you’ll get connected and gain more authority with the big G.
This is a solid step in proving authorship and protecting the future of your content.  You’ll help Google eliminate all the scrapers and blogs out there stealing and duplicating your blog posts and pages, helping you get to the top of the results.

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