The What is and How to of Article Marketing for 2011

There has been a lot of talk on internet marketing forums about the current state of article marketing. How did the recent algorithm affect it?  Article sites and directories took hard hits on the rankings, most losing 20-40% of their usual organic traffic.  That really was a shock to a lot of search engine optimization “pros” who had been banking on strong PR article backlinks for a number of years.
So we know that article sites have been hit hard due to changes of content weight and quality for search engine rankings.  Many of the penalties of this evolution was regarding duplicate content, spam sites, and often adsense violating websites.
Then we saw websites and blogs that consisted of primarily unique content jumped rankings and had a bit of a rush for low-medium competition keywords.
My current recommendations for article writing:
  • Write unique and separate content for articles
  • 400+ words, spin heavily for automatic submissions
  • Increase density of 3-4 keyword phrases that are targeted
  • Only add backlink in authors box, spin multiple links and deep links
  • Use 3-5 various target keywords for anchor texts
  • Keep content relevant to backlinks
Top Article Auto-Submission Software:
  • Article Marketing Robot
  • Brad Callen’s Article Submitter
Best Content Spinning Software:
  • The Best Spinner
  • Spinner Chief
Social Bookmarking Tools: (great for building backlinks and traffic from articles)
  • Bookmarking Demon
Google has announced the future direction of it’s search engine algorithm will be aimed at social media and web 2.0 propeties. But, unless there are some serious changes coming soon, article backlinks will and continue to still be given some nice weight and can compliment any websites backlink campaign.  Most of the links I am seeing from article directories are running Page Rank 2-4 overtime if quality content is used.  Also, there is always the method of creating more links, blogs/forum posts/etc, targeted at the article submissions to increase their Page Rank faster.  Just keep the content unique and relevant and don’t spam.

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