Since my last post was about Xrumer, I’m going to go ahead and speak about Scrapebox a little bit and how useful it can really be.
What is Scrapebox?
Locate thousands of URLs from Google, Yahoo and Bing in minutes! With custom footprints for finding WordPress and Movable Type blog posts, you can build massive lists of links that are highly relevant to your specific keywords. Great for researching competitors, finding new blogs to comment on, doing product research or even gathering facts and info for your next blog post or article.
  • Utility software that searches the web based off keywords to find backlink opportunities
  • Finds blog comment sites, forum posts, forum profiles, other
  • Uses proxies to keep your IP and Domain safe from being labeled a “spammer”
  • Finds 1000′s of related blog comments in minutes
Dangers of Scrapebox
  • If you abuse it, your website is going to be banned
  • Spamming comments to blogs will see very few accepted
  • Abusing an IP or Proxy will get it banned and you will need to find new one
Our recommendations on how to use Scrapebox effectively:
  1. Search for thousands of backlink opportunities in your related niche/market
  2. Manually review and post comments at related blogs
  3. Start with high quality and high PR blogs
  4. Rinse and Repeat
Akismet Explained:
  • Over 50 comments or comment tries within 30minutes = permanent URL ban
  • Akismet is very common on PR2+ blogs
  • Auto-approve lists ARE safe from the Akismet ban
Excellent tool to help you build backlinks, I really enjoy using this tool instead of doing manual searches in Google.  But, you can still be very effective by doing manual commenting and such through Google using search parameters like, inurl:blog,  etc .  So make sure you do not abuse this tool and spam comments all over the web, you can get banned and you might lose your Adsense account or something.

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