Google still Loves Blogs, But..

Blogging is one of the fastest growing online hobbies and side professions for millions of people around the world.  But, despite the “blogger” fad and some publicity with celebrities and famous sports players, not many bloggers are making millions of dollars per year.  There are some pretty exciting success stories out there though, from small personal mommy bloggers to large corporate outlets with thousands and thousands of followers.
Top 5 Reasons to Blog:
  1. Added content = more authority with search engines
  2. Google’s latest “Freshness” algorithm update prefers up to date and recent search results for many keywords
  3. Gain extra organic traffic from long-tail keywords
  4. Many additional URL page/post rankings for Yahoo, Google and Bing
  5. Associate more and more keyword terms/phrases with your domain, backing it up with useful content
Building relationships with these bloggers can help create a stir and presence for your company or business online.  Engage with them and help create/contribute quality content and media to their web communities.
So how can you best connect with these other bloggers?
Start your blog!
Whether your a small personal site or a large corporate company with 1000′s of employees, a blog is good for your website, period.  I’m sure you and your professional staff are knowledgeable with hundreds to thousands of topics that are relevant and interesting to your peers, clients, and potential customers.  Turn them into posts and pages that will help you rank better and create a larger community of followers, network connections, and possibilities for success online.  These extra posts will rank for all kinds of keyword phrases, helping you gain extra search traffic every time you produce a piece of quality content.  Throw in some media, write more volume and SMARTER copywriting than your competitors and you’ll be seeing some serious boosts in Google traffic.
Blogging for a Business Site:
  • If you are in a competitive niche, or a large corporation, write at least 2-3 blog posts per week
  • Look at your competitors posts – write more, construct images and videos
  • Google gives the most credit to posts with at least 650+ words and added “media”
  • Think about your users and what information they are searching for online
  • Get ideas/topics posted that can draw in and educate potential customers
Comment on other people’s blogs!
Look for the major players in your niche and industry, reach out and start getting connected with the individuals and businesses that have major followings and large communities. Begin adding comments that are worthwhile and well-though out to those relevant blog sites around the web.  Get engaged with the highest page rank sites first, start profiles, fill out all information, and get to work trying to communicate and define new relationships.
General SEO Blogging Tips:
  • Always write at least 500+ words
  • Be consistent
  • Do your keyword research and target specific terms and phrases with your posts
  • Keywords in titles, descriptions, meta, and URL structures
  • Add images and video for best rankings
  • Submit your posts to social media sites and start new relationships around the web
Blog Commenting Tips:
  • Use real names or name@keyword for most approvals
  • Look for high page rank blogs
  • Stay with relevant domains, don’t spam the web with no regard
  • Add worthwhile comments, read the post for 2 minutes and respond
  • Be consistent, try a few comments per day over time you’ll see results
SEO Tip: One of the most successful tactics used by general “white hat” SEO enthusiasts, is to look for guest blogging opportunities.  Guest blogging is simply addressing relevant site owners in your niche and industry and asking to write a post for them on related topics.  They’ll usually offer you 1-3 dofollow back links as well, possibly with your anchor text, author’s name, or site name.  These are really high quality contextual back links that have a low outbound link amount and strong keyword association in the content.  Well written, big volume blog posts will be a long-term benefit for your website’s search engine rankings on related terms and phrases.

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