Xrumer – Black hat SEO techniques

What is Xrumer?
Xrumer is an extremely powerful software system that offers a huge selection of  tools and functions that can be used for search engine optimization.  It can literally build 1000′s of backlinks in hours or even minutes.  Is this all legit?
Well, it is a bit of a “black hat” technique.  Meaning that it isn’t 100% illegal, but you could look like a spammer for using these techniques and receive penalties from Google or other search engines.
How does Xrumer work?
  1. Builds database of forums, blogs, article, membership type sites – need to have profiles/posts/articles to create backlink
  2. Generates keywords/scripting for specific website to promote
  3. Automatically fills out all fields needed to create profiles/posts/forum login etc
  4. Backlinks are generated by the 1000′s
  5. Promoted website gains 1000′s of backlinks naturally over the next month as spiders crawl forums/posts/blogs/etc
  6. Move up in SERP rankings!
What are the requirements for Xrumer?
  • Dedicated server
  • Offshore hosting
  • Private or good public proxies
So total hosting would be about $1,000 or so a month.  Depending on where you are currently, I would assume this is a bit expensive for backlinks.  And remember that this type of tool needs to be used carefully and very wisely to not get your domain banned from Google.
There are some affordable Xrumer options out there on the market.  Many of which can be used intelligently and safely to provide some future, and rather quick, search engine ranking gains.

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