Over-Deliver And Under-Promise

As a savvy marketer, you already know that repeat customers are the mainstay of your business. Any Internet marketer worth his/her salt knows that online word of mouth marketing is a Panzer Tank of a weapon that could improve viral marketing through contented customers.

What is over-delivering, really? First, you under-promise. Ensure that you tell your customer the truth and are conservative in your estimate of what they will be receiving and what its benefits are. Don't belt it out in terms of commitments - RESTRAINT is the key word. Promises will only break a customer's heart - what they need are extras, freebies, treats, whatever you want to call those add-ons you can offer customers free of charge with added value. The next tool you have to use is hard work, as you try to top what you had just offered. Finally, deliver more than you have promised of a quality far superior to what your customer is expecting.

In all likelihood you have researched well and set up your customer base in such a way you can contact them whenever you need to. Now, let's over-deliver. So you've got a happy, smiling customer with a dynamite product and a little bonus or two via download, why not send yet ANOTHER bonus via email? You don't have to do this right away - it can even be a download link to a value-added bonus a couple days later. This can be done multiple times over several weeks or months. Make sure every email you send includes a short "thank you" message where you explain that the bonus is your way of thanking them for their continued business. In effect, you are spreading goodwill and improving the chances of a repeat purchase. By spreading out the delivery of bonuses, you give the customer time to "dig into" each one. If you send all of the bonuses at once, the customer may just download them on his hard drive and never look at them at all. Not a good way to get your information out there.

Another way you can keep your customers on their toes is by sending your post-sale bonus and explaining that they should expect another bonus in a couple days or weeks. Not only does this minimize chances of a refund, this keeps customers' interest piqued due to the teasers of another bonus. They know that if the order is canceled there will be no additional bonuses.

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