Twitter Must Become An Integral Part Of Your Advertising Strategy -- This Is Exactly Why

Several years ago, there was a great promotion for Twitter marketing tools. Twitter was considered as a good new way of getting a list of people whom you could target to advertise your products. Cutting through the hype, just what kind of results can you expect after utilizing these Twitter marketing tools? Exactly how great is Twitter marketing? This article will examine the case for becoming involved and to determine if it will really repay your time and effort. Also, look into shanghai fabric market.

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Anxious to raise my product sales, I went ahead and began Twitter marketing to grow a large list of followers hoping to turn them into customers. Not only did I put out money to sign up for programs that would get me followers but I invested in several softwares to help promote the products I was selling. In all, I think I invested in about 8 software programs to help with my Twitter marketing venture. Shanghai fake market can help too.

One of these software tools was an automatic 'people follower' on Twitter with the objective that some of those people would follow me back. People who were not following me on Twitter would be automatically removed from my follow list by another tool I had bought. This would allow me to follow various individuals once more to get them to follow me. A few of the programs I invested in are not interesting enough to talk about but I will just mention a good program that auto-Tweeted any blog posts I made each time they were published. Initially, I was really delighted with the end results after using the programs in combination since they truly delivered on what they promised. I was quickly brought down to earth when I looked at my spreadsheet and found that I wasn't actually pulling in any money! My tactic was to post many blog entries daily and each of them was then sent straight to display on Twitter. Then I discovered a way to have all the posts done for me automatically, thinking that the more posts I would have the more Twitter users who would see them.

The results of my Twitter marketing efforts are: In three years, I was able to gain a Twitter following of approximately 10,000 users. And though you may think that is fantastic, there's more. During those three years I had affiliate links to my products on over fifteen thousand blog posts in my Twitter account. And that was the only promoting that I did for that blog, I opted not to even ping the posts to see just what Twitter could do for me. Well I discovered, in the last 3 years I made 2 affiliate sales for a total of $48, and I made $8.52 with Adsense. And that specific blog only receives about 2 to 4 visitors a day from Twitter. Can scholarships for nursing help?

Despite me utilizing tools to make the job simpler and getting approximately 10,000 followers on Twitter, I still could not turn a decent profit using Twitter marketing for my blog. As a matter of fact, in the last 3 years I have not even pulled in enough money from that blog to pay for the Twitter programs that I had invested in. So in my view, while there may be good ways to promote on Twitter, using the automatic softwares are not the way to go.

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