Webmaster Info - Top 3 Lies of Affiliate Marketing

Can't figure out affiliate marketing? Don't get upset, you aren't by yourself. A lot of newbie affiliates read lies that makes things harder for them to comprehend what is correct. In this article we will talk about a few of those misconceptions about affiliate marketing.

The first myth you should get out of your head is the one where affiliate marketers think that all their doing is selling their wares and getting paid for it. It is a fair assessment to say that affiliate marketing can earn you a good living, but there are indeed other ways that affiliates can help you. You'll find that the individual affiliates have a different set up. For instance, cost per sale is not the same thing as cost per action. A cost per sale affiliate program means that you get paid whenever someone buys the product by your doing. Cost per action, rather, is a program where you are paid whenever leads are garnered for the affiliate. There are people who make great income off of both cost per action and cost per sale. What someone else uses to make money might not make you any money at all. Before you choose an affiliate program, make sure you are keeping your mind on every factor if you hope to make it. You might want to get on the various programs to see how you fare with each one. Of course there's also pay per click affiliates too, where you get paid for every click that you get when someone clicks on ad on your website. There are many types of affiliate programs, to put it another way, so try every one you can to see which ones work for you.

Another myth that seems to be popular with affiliate marketers is when they hold onto the concept that affiliate marketing and advertising share the same exact qualities. Affiliate marketers do some promoting, but advertising is different in so many ways.

With advertising, you're always going to have to pay to have your ads up, but in affiliate marketing you're the one who gets the money when the affiliates do a good job. You simply let the affiliates do the job of selling and you pay them commissions only when they get sales. Not only that, when you advertise, you have to abide by a contract you set with the publisher that includes a set payment amount. With affiliate marketing, however, the amount you actually pay varies depending on how many products are sold. It should now be clear what differences the two have, as affiliate marketing involves the affiliates taking initiative so that they can earn more of an income, while advertising requires publishers that don't matter when it comes to how much they're making. Hopefully the knowledge presented to date about Len's Blog have been applicable. You could also wish to read on so that you will uncover more interesting tips that you simply previously did not know about. Nevertheless, read on the remainder of this post.

It's a myth that in order to drive up your affiliate sales you have to have flash banners on your website or blog.

People want to see plain info. Those type of fancy banners will just be a turn off for your viewers. They want to see something that they can see themselves in, not displease them.

Now that you know these myths, your opinion of affiliate marketing has likely changed, and you'll be ready to make a change in your life and earn more money than you ever have before.

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