Social Media Sites That All Website Owners Should Be Using

Social media marketing has to be a crucial ingredient in any business plan in the 21st century. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are some of the social media sites that impact our world. The numbers say as many as 60 percent of Americans are active on social media sites. That percentage alone should be enough to convince even the staunchest holdouts that social media needs to be a part of their marketing strategy. But how do you get started?

The most popular social media sites are Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. Facebook might be described as the mother of all social media websites, boasting more than 800 million users worldwide. You read that right: 800 million! Facebook offers an intimate interaction between users, with more interface applications than one can count. Its almost a requirement that all businesses and professionals have a Facebook account for clients, and potential clients, to connect with.

As a professional's networking website, LinkedIn is known for letting members put together electronic resumes that profile their work. LinkedIn is primarily used as a connecting tool for the working world. For a social media site that has survived the test of time (since 2003, which is a lifetime in the digital age) it has certainly assisted plenty of it. People who share interests and working experience, such as professionals and university students, can tell one another on LinkedIn. Make sure you get a piece of the action and sign up for a free profile.

Twitter and YouTube offer unique services that equal big impacts for marketers. The premise of letting members instantly let their friends and family know what's going on with them right then is, surprisingly to some, what made Twitter so successful. The slang term "tweeting" is now part of the everyday vernacular, and is a hit with people of all kinds. On YouTube, anyone can become a star by posting his or her homemade videos. The social media site has actually made people rich through a unique profit-sharing system, and allowed many to get attention they only dreamed of.

Google +1 is a new addition to social media that lets its user connect like they would on sites like Facebook. Make a profile, connect with friends and try out a gaggle of exciting new applications on Google +1. Social media changes with lightening speed, like any technology, but it doesn't need to be confusing. Try useful online tools like to simplify and manage your social media accounts. Using social media strategically in your marketing plan will be one of the best moves you make.

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