Why Trust is Important to Your Web Business and What You Can Do

You know trust is crucial in business because you can have a great product and a terrific site, but if for some reason nobody trusts you - then they will not give you their money. Obviously embarking on winning the trust war is not an overnight affair, and so you need to give it time and also the willingness to do what needs to be done.

After all these years, a huge percentage of people on the net know a lot about what goes on, and they can tell pretty fast if there are any games. If you ever use testimonials that are not totally real, then you really should re-think that approach for a lot of reasons. People who read testimonials will be suspicious to begin with, and that is why you need to put as much about the person who supplied the testimonial as you can. Always, and always ask for a good shoulder and above picture of the person, too. Going out on a limb with your customers would be requesting a video testimonial, but we know they can be very hard to get with complete strangers.

There are a lot of people who are not comfortable because of competition, but it is very healthy for a lot of reasons that really should be embraced. What we want to warn you about is getting involved with negative commentary about your competition in the open public. When others witness things like this, it almost always serves to produce a less than honorable opinion about the people involved. Even if you are reviewing a product, that is when you especially need to be completely professional even if the product is not good. Sticking to polite decorum and proper conduct in your business will always be more powerful than resorting to negative talk.

A contact form page must be on your site if you want to be taken seriously and look legitimate. A phone number on a contact page really makes a strong impact on people, so put one up regardless of what you think about it. The funny thing about this is there's an excellent chance nobody will ever call. A site is not necessarily a scam operation just because they do not have a number, but we know scam sites do not have number on their contact page if they even have that much. You know what you like to see with legitimate and credible businesses, so just do the same thing. People look at the design first when they arrive, and that is where the challenge to win trust begins. So what are you waiting for? Start working on the trust factor of your site and give your visitors an experience that they will remember.

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