The Power Of One Way Link Building Explained

At the moment it seems as if the only form of backward link that will be of any real value in the future will be the one way link that is embedded within the text of the page. I have to say that I like this change - after all I am a content writer. I have never seen any value to a link which is in the form a blog comment or simply a link that is just included on a free web directory. Then there are the paid links that appear under "the sponsored links" section - again how can these be classed as a vote? So yes I am happy with these changes - it can only be a good thing in the long run.

I have been involved within the web promotion industry for eleven years and have witnessed a massive amount of changes during this time as to the best ways to link build and promote a website; I am not particularly saying that I am a web promotion expert however I have learnt a great deal in this time. I have always championed the one-way link and I have to say that I used to become extremely frustrated when my competitors just bought their way to the top of the search engine rankings via paid links. Don't get me wrong we all know that paid links are still taking place - here in the UK a massive broadcasting corporation is well known for selling links but for me this is most definitely not the way to go.

One-way link building

During this eleven year period one form of SEO and web promotion has continued to stay in favour and that is article marketing. I personally believe in the power of article marketing and I have written many articles about a variety of subjects during the last few years. I now have well over a thousand articles published on EzineArticles and I will most certainly continue to write unique quality content in the future.

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