By far one of the best Social Bookmarking sites out there, for your own personal interest and also for SEO is Digg.com.  Holding a high Page Rank, even post Panda, was impressive for Digg.  It will pay off to write quality content and try to make it newsworthy, good features, surprises, etc.  You need to bring the viewers in through catchy headlines and titles, it is not an easy site to gain a large following for.  The links are very good as backlinks just make sure not to over spam your main site and occasionally use URL shorteners like Bit.ly or TinyURL.
  • Page Rank = 8
  • Alexa Rank = 112
  • 27,500,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors
Right there you can see how valuable a site like Digg is for your SEO efforts.  One article that makes it into the front pages and you can receive exposure to millions of visitors that can funnel into your website.  I have personally seen a few good articles in Digg crush a websites server in a matter of hours once the article went viral and was distributed to millions of viewers.
So, the focus here is to not only write quality articles that can lure and fascinate a reader but also to gain quality backlinks.  Sign up for Digg and make your profile as customized to your websites keywords and focus as possible.  Fill in as much information as possible to bio’s and other profile spots, it always helps and keeps your accounts around a bit longer.  You don’t want to look like a spammer on any of the top ranked social media sites, you can be banned and you’ll lose all the backlinks.  Put in the extra work and make sure your contributions count, or at least are as good as the competition’s worst.
The Basics:
  1. Write an article on your site or any site
  2. “Digg” the link to it on Digg.com after you’ve registered
  3. Fill out customized descriptions, comments, and/or titles wherever possible
  4. Place the Digg in a category that should see some action, look for smaller niches like Business, Science, Comedy, Etc
Digg should be a small part of any SEO campaign, whether your a small personal blogger or a major corporation. Due to their filters you won’t get many backlinks through spamming bookmarks on Digg but you definitely want to make some monthly, unique contributions and gain a few quality ones.   Those will be strong social signals and you’ll keep maintaining your account over the years as your business grows.  This allows you to become an authority over time, you’ll receive the most SEO benefits and gain many followers.  Its all about creating trust with Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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