1 Link Building Rule: Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

Today’s link building focuses on new, unique content copywriting and distribution through quality channels online.
Link building is a part of the kind of seo or search engine optimization called “off-page” SEO, because you are creating web properties that hold new, unique content and build a reputation for your website. You must have heard of this if you have been into the business of SEO. These backlinks transfer direct link juice and page rank from having inbound links from another domain. That’s, perhaps, easy enough for you to understand now. But these backlinks and often, link wheels are multi-tiered linking that can actually easily help with the optimization of a page and online rankings.
Today however, the panda algorithm and new Google ranking requirements demands webmasters to pay close attention to the quality and diversity of links.
If you have been doing any forms of link building then I hope you know that it is important these days to diversify links. This may mean for you to go with multi-tiered linking or to go with the various link wheels that you can come up with. This may seem difficult at first but if you are creative enough to be able to diversify these backlinks and other such links then you can do it.
This can be done through press releases, blogging, guest posts, directories, articles and all types of content that may have been written with the link to your site and the like. The sources where you spread these links should be diversified so that people can go into your site in different ways or modes. This isn’t that difficult to do if you have different ways of marketing your products and such online. Backlink seo really is one of the simplest ways in which you can optimize your site well.
A lot of people today are into online marketing and SEO. And, pretty much all of them have some understanding and have been introduced to backlink seo strategies. This is actually one of the basic ways of doing search engine optimization of a site, but there are some bad ways to do this as well.  Certain automated, black hat techniques can place penalties on your website and cause some serious issues with your rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Pay attention and do things of the highest quality, careful of spammy or low quality sources. If you are experienced in things like these then you can teach others who it is to do seo link building. This can be very helpful knowledge to those who have yet to learn how to do so.
Backlink Tips:
  • Target High PR sites
  • The less outbound links on a page the more weight you will receive i.e. link farms are very low quality
  • Unique content only, especially since Panda
  • Don’t spam, build them slowly and naturally
  • Write content specifically for keywords you are targeting
  • Add original media (images/video) for better results and PR gains
Diversifying links may be a more difficult and time taking effort, but you’ll see better results and long-term success.
What do I recommend?
  1. You can always focus on one step at a time, and use high quality content on web 2.0 or other sites to setup the use of the link wheels.
  2.  Then after you have the first high quality web 2.0 and social media properties up, start adding more lower quality but high quantity backlinks for the more complicated multi-tiered linking.
  3. Once your link wheels are built or started, focus on engaging with your community: blogging, forums, and other strategies
  4. Make sure you are regularly updating your main domain during this period as well
Trying to be very broad in the websites and domains you are gaining links from is crucial to long-term success and best weight.  Google does not want to see serious abuse and heavy manipulation, so spreading your links out across many styles, domains, and methodology helps keep your reputation clean. This way, your site will be able to benefit from many different kinds of backlinks to help your site receive more hits and organic traffic.
Search engine optimization is important to every website these days because this is one of the best ways to improve traffic over time. The more traffic a site receives from multi-tiered linking or link wheels, the more visible they are to others. If you are the webmaster of your site then you should know more about seo link building or the nature of backlink seo. You should also be able keep in mind to remember how crucial it is to diversify links.
The combination and implementation of all these strategies will help you get the rankings you’ll need to receive more traffic to your site and maybe get some conversions.

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