Automated Social Bookmarking – Review

Lately I have heard a lot of people asking about how to be more serious and effective at promoting their website through Social Bookmarks.  It can be a very tedious task to sign-up for all the social media accounts and then go through them, one by one, and add posts for your website.  There are definitely worthwhile rewards from backlinks and traffic, but there must be a faster, hopefully automated way.
I’m going to give you a GREAT solution for Social Bookmarking right now,,,
What is Onlywire?
  • Automated submissions to top sites like Digg, Mixx, Plurk, Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Over 40 social media bookmarking websites you can sign up for
  • Utility programthat runs on your desktop minimized + manual captchas
  • 300 submissions per month for free! (1 submission = 1 social bookmark)
How to use
  • Setup accounts at all the social media sites you want to bookmark
  • Add account information for social media sites to “services” on
  • Download program and install, start and run on side bar
  • Make a “post” on for the URL you want to social bookmark
  • Hit go, and watch for captcha popups
SEO Tips for Best Uses
  • Sign up for many accounts: few posts at lots of sites > lots of posts at 1-3 sites (diversify your backlink footprints)
  • Always add unique notes that “hook” a viewer in to checking your post
  • Make sure to use keyword rich tags
  • Try to spread out posts over time, don’t spam 10-20 posts in one day, unless you consistently post that much
So now that you have one of the best social submission tools in the SEO game, put it to use!  Too many people whine about having no organic traffic but never take the steps needed to build your link structures and gain more weight from Google.  Get started today with Onlywire, it is really easy to use and you will benefit from taking these steps.  If you want even MORE automation for social media, then I would recommend Bookmarking Demon.
But honestly, will do everything you need and do it well.
Check it out here!

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