Blogger was purchased by Google in 2003 and their primary user-driven blog publishing platform. They are all based off a sub-domain permalink structure, meaning your free blog will have the extension of This helps promote a very powerful network of content and media throughout the Blogger network.  Due to this approach, Google is very serious about maintaining high quality posts and pages on users accounts. So understand that if you want to be using Blogger as a networking and SEO platform, make sure to write quality and original content for your posts.
In July 2011, Google announced they will be changing the name “Blogger” to “Google Blogs” by the next year.
Blogger has evolved into one of the strongest and most reputable “free” blogging platforms in the world.  Currently holding an Alexa rank of 7 and millions of page views a month.  It’s transformation into “Google Blogs” is going to help promote more connection between their Google Plus social media and the current Blogger community.  Smart ploy by Google to get the two, heavily conversation based, groups together for more social media and blogging frenzy.
Why use blogger?
  • Gain stronger networking in specific markets and industries which benefit you
  • Establish a wider brand name and reputation
  • Connect with potential, current, and past customers
  • Distribute press releases and other news about your company and products/services
  • Build authority with Google by participating with your community
Use the same Gmail account for Blogger and Google Plus to maximize authority and networking
By using Blogger you will have connected a Gmail account with the blog.  If you are going to be using this Blogger account to establish trust and authority, make sure it is a credible account that is clean and well chosen.  This should be the same Gmail account that your Google Plus is connected to, helping you build a wider network of connections and linking.
General Rules for Blogger:
  1. Write and use only original, unique content
  2. Search and write too authority users in your market/industry
  3. Get involved with a new post and conversation every week
  4. Keep updating regularly to bring in more traffic
  5. Make worthwhile contributions (posts=500+ words and comments=50+ words)
  6. Do not spam backlinks
You’ll see the strongest SEO results overtime as you enter more media and content to your Blogger and Google Plus accounts.  Don’t worry about placing a ton of backlinks into your posts, you aren’t trying to stuff backlinks.  Instead you are adding expertise and information to inflate your reputation and authority on Google’s own networks.  Take your time and establish yourself as a serious player in your niche, profession, and industry.  No reason to shoot yourself in the foot early.
SEO Tips for Blogger:
  • Write on themes/topics that focus your keyword research
  • Setup your blog or company website on the sidebar (blogroll or RSS are good widgets)
  • Do not place backlinks in every post
  • Bold specific keywords in posts for emphasis
  • Don’t allow spam comments
  • Get engaged in conversations with other Bloggers
  • Update at least once per week
The real value comes from continuous blogging and use of the Blogger platform relevant to your market and niche.  Don’t waste time blogging about random junk around the web, if you are looking to gain something from Blogger focus on the areas that can bring you potential benefits long-term.  Start posting and engaging with the community and over a period of a few months you’ll see extra organic traffic and hopefully conversions coming to your website

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