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PPC Advertising can be a Dangerous Game. Adwords are one of the biggest and most popular advertising methods on the internet today.  The rewards can be great, but it is considered a a high risk market. Advertising with Adwords online is and easy way to lose your money fast. PPC is similar to networking, when you register for a pay per click advertising, you are often advised by the network to find and get yourself plenty quality information regarding the service.  Running your own Adwords campaign can be overwhelming because a lot of research is involved.
If you want to make money with Adwords, smart keyword research needed.
If you don’t understand the market and how to properly use PPC advertising for your business it will probably result in a low return on investment. It is seldom nowadays that you could actually receive quality clicks for under 1 dollar. Most businesses spend 10-15 dollars for medium competition words that will convert, and 40 to 50 dollars per click is not unheard of either. This is because most pay per click advertising agencies cater to thousands of businesses interested in the same search terms as you.
There are a lot of businesses nowadays who prefer the ease of advertising online rather than older more traditional methods. Adwords allows small businesses to control their own advertising methods. Where as, in the past the job was paid for and you hoped the agency knew what they were doing.  There are not that many reputable services for PPC advertising. In fact I would only recommend Google Adwords as they kind of developed the game. Using Adwords is not easy and it requires you to invest a lot of time and energy for a potential low return on investment. PPC advertising is not for the faint of heart, it can be rewarding or devastating, and there is not much room for error.
There are a lot of times that you have to wait hours or even days before a couple of keywords will draw in clicks. It is not out of the question for you to lose hundreds of dollars in the first week and receive zero conversions. There are many cases where not paying enough for clicks results in low quality conversion rates. You are not spending enough money to compete for the top positions on keywords that actually convert. A danger with not spending enough for the correct keywords is that your adds will be displayed with low quality search terms.
Always remember that this is a fickle market and money can disappear very quickly with little to zero return on investment.
If you want to make money with Adwords, smart keyword research needed. There are plenty of websites with advice regarding the use of Adwords. There is some information on this site regarding Adwords, however, I prefer organic traffic sources to paid. But if I were to consider the use of Adwords for any business I would look for a reputable Adwords certified company. Because remember, not every person who clicks on your ad will be a conversion. If you do decide to try Adwords on your own here are some basic tips.
  • Keywords research is king. Knowing the high conversion search terms is the key to success.
  • Spending more money to rank better for specific search terms does not guarantee conversions.
  • Many inexpensive search terms can convert.
  • If after 6 months you are consistently losing money, stop, or consult a professional.
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    After your business is successfully running a PPC campaign, it is very tempting to invest more money. Throwing more money at the same keywords is not always the best idea. Researching in finding more converting search terms is the way to go. Always remember that this is a fickle market and money can disappear very quickly with little to zero return on investment.  If your business is already profitable and has a website, it is always possible to make more money through the use of Adwords. More sales and leads exist on the internet than anyone can count. The main thing to remember is that you must understand and at least attempt some quality keyword research.
    There are several ways to advertise a product or service on the web. Adwords is one of them, but always remember there are other methods as well. A great start to increasing web visibility before considering Adwords could be:
  • Start a blog on your company website.
  • Publish your blog as an RSS feed.
  • Create a Facebook fan page for your business.
  • Join some online communities related to your industry.
The point is, that there are several ways to increase the visibility of a business. Paid advertising is not always the best option for smaller businesses. And in many cases of personally managed campaigns, the amount of money spent will always be greater than the earnings from successful conversions.

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