How Do You Sell Ad Space?

There are a lot of different ways to monetize your website online.  Generally a lot of people turn to AdSense off the start, this is because of Google’s wide reputation and market reach, but there are a lot of other options.  Some of these options are very viable for steady passive income and long-term success.
Selling your Ad Space- registering at “ad buy/sell” websites and auctioning off sections of your webpage for advertisers to bid on. Often 125×125 square ads, header ads, and larger image dimensions are most commonly seen.
Ad Space Selling Facts:
  • The most common sizes are 125×125, 780×90, 250×250
  • Sidebar and Header locations
  • Advertisements are going to be related to your niche or market
  • Primarily image based advertisements on these networks
  • Sell ad space on a per month or per impressions basis
Who can sell their ad space?
Any website that has large enough traffic to interest advertisers to buy up space per month.  These rates start off fairly low
for small traffic websites, many of those niche style websites will not work here. It is pretty simple, the more traffic you have, the more opportunities for advertisers to get click through and possible sales.  Your traffic is measured off a lot of different networks including: Google analytics, Alexa, SEOMoz, and others.  Most networks will require a number of different examples of the type and quantity of traffic your website is pulling.
Authority websites rule the ad space auctions.
Major websites with high Page Rank and top level Alexa rankings are always going to demand bigger bucks from advertisers.  Depending on the niche or industry your website operates in, you can really profit from the amount of competition in advertisers.  Offering thousands upon thousands of impressions per day can be a pretty pricey affair, and many of these big authority sites bring in $500 to $2000 per ad!
“Selling” Ad Space Tips:
  • Look at your competition’s pricing and gauge your advertising auction around those numbers, don’t be too greedy
  • The more advertisers in your niche/market, the more money you make, pick wisely the niche you are going to dedicate time to
  • Sidebar 125×125 ads can bring in steady and consistent revenue – place 4 to 8 for best results
  • You can easily mix in your ad sense ads for the content and other areasWhat are the advertisers looking for?
  • How many impressions per month will the ad space receive?
  • What page rank is the site?
  • Do you have Google analytics or any other analytics tracking installed?
  • Alexa rankings
  • SEOMoz and other rankings tools
High traffic websites are usually considered any site with at least 100,000 impressions per month for these networks.  If you are making far beyond that, then you can surpass the numbers below if your niche and market is very profitable.  But when I am working with my own or client’s websites, these are the average numbers that I am seeing for most quality domains.  The page rank for these sites vary, I’ve gotten a number of them around PR4-6 but if you have anything higher, again, you can make more money possibly.
High Traffic Ad Space Prices:
  • 125×125 in a competitive niche – $100-$500 each ad per month
  • 125×125 in non-competitive niche – $10-$100 each ad per month
  • Header ads can run up to $1,500 per month
  • 250×250 sidebar ads – $200-750 per month
Where can you buy/sell Ads?
  • Don’t forget that you need to take the time and effort to build a quality website well before trying these monetization methods.  There is nothing positive about trying to sign-up new and/or low content websites for these networks.  You won’t be accepted anyways, and even if you were, no advertiser is going to purchase your ad space because of lacking quality aspects.  If you are just starting with a fresh domain then although it is wise to read up and research future possibilities in online advertising, now is the time you need to be focusing on producing top notch content and original media for your website or blog.  Get started with putting in the hard work and time, the results will come.

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