Making Money with SEO: CPA

Cost per action – visitor must click ad, then complete a registration, purchase, sign-up, or some action before you are paid, must be authentic also.
CPA or Cost per action advertising is one of the best ways to monetize your information and large content sites.  The main focus for CPA advertisers is to target heavily related websites, because you not only need the visitors to click on your ad, but also complete some action.  Because the CPA ad is closely related to the information your blogging about there are some key tips to ensuring that you get the most out of your CPA.
The main reason so many internet marketers love CPA ads is that you can make a lot more profit off less traffic.  With higher dollar commissions and email sign-ups that are easy, and go far beyond the value of your average AdSense click.  You can take some small amount of organic traffic and be making some great money off a few conversions per day.  Most sites on average, need 50 or more AdSense clicks to be generating more than $50 dollars per day.
If you want to be successful with CPA advertising you do not need big traffic volumes, just SEO keyword researched and targeted traffic that will buy and convert on the CPA offers!
How do CPA ads work?
  • Image or link based redirect to a landing page where the visitor must complete some form, sign-up, registration, or sale
  • Often based off surveys, polls, consumer questions, and other outreach tactics
  • Sometimes offer “free items” or auctions to be won if user fills out all information
  • Usually target the latest trends, gizmos, and gadgets
What “action” is usually seen in CPA ads?
  • Email Sign-ups
  • Form registrations
  • Trial products and services
  • Promotional sales and discount items
CPA Example "Free iPhone 5 Test and Keep"
How much do CPA ads pay?
  • Up to $100+ dollars commission on selling products/services and memberships
  • Average email sign-ups are around $1.00 to $3.00 dollars
What are the best CPA networks?
  • Never blue
  • Azoogle
  • Peerfly
  • Commission Junction
  • Max Bounty
  • Clix Galore
CPA ads convert the most when they directly solve a problem or help your visitors, try and setup landing pages and organic search traffic that will convert on your offers out of use, need, and interest
CPA Conversion Tips:
  • Use ads that help or solve a problem for your visitor
  • Be sure the ad is well placed on the page and presents itself first
  • Relevant only, do not waste your time with completely irrelevant CPA ad placements
CPA online advertising can make you a lot more money than a simple AdSense campaign.  The reasoning for most affiliate marketers, is that you don’t need massive traffic amounts to make good profits.  With one sale banking you $20 or $40 bucks, you could get a few visitors a week that convert and easily pull $100 plus bucks.  With AdSense or other PPC publishing, you’d need a hundreds visitors to make that kind of money unless you in a really expensive niche.
As with most business ideas and marketing online, keyword research is the backbone to a successful CPA campaign.  You’ve really got to research the topics and possible themes that would work well with your CPA advertiser before constructing websites.  This will help you make high conversions by bringing in traffic that are interested and looking for the answers and solutions you are providing.
I think CPA advertising focuses more on intelligent SEO copy writing then ad placement, unlike AdSense which focuses on presenting the ads immediately for a user.  CPA ads work best when the visitor is influenced and committed to completing and interacting with your offers.
Now, if you already have established websites, CPA can still work great for you.  Just take the time and sign-up to at least 2 different networks.  This way you’ll have a nice base of CPA opportunities that you can apply for your niche and industry.  Sometimes you may want to start creating and adding content that is optimized for the CPA ads you are posting, helping you build more authority with content and keywords on your domain also.

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