Making Money with SEO: AdSense

SEO can bring you steady, organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. AdSense is just one of many ways you can monetize your websites traffic
When you are first start your website or blog, you’ll hear a ton of different opinions on why and how to apply SEO to your site.  There are so many different thoughts and theories out there it can be tough to decide what you should do.  Here at SEOBestTips we provide ethical, experience based SEO tips and techniques that will show results.  It just takes time, effort, and patience to keep working on your content creation along with link building and other tactics.
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As your SEO efforts grow, you’ll start seeing more visitors everyday to your domain. There is a lot of conflicting opinions on when and how you should start monetizing your website.  Most SEO consultants will advise you NOT to place any sort of advertising platform on your website until you gain some age, usually 3 months or more.  Now is the time when you can start integrating advertising options from a lot of different sources on the web.  We are going to take a look at the most widely used and oldest, legitimate form of online advertising, pay per click.
But once your SEO starts paying off and you are seeing traffic come through your posts/pages, you can start making some money.
What is Google AdSense?
  • Advertising and publishing platform based off “cost per click” ads that run on relevant websites and search results
  • Google’s ad metrics calculate the keywords and topics per page/post and place related ads
  • It may take a few days to a week for more accurate PPC advertisements to show up
  • Companies constantly bid for top advertising positions for specific keyword terms and phrases
AdSense Rules:
  • 3 ads and 2 links lists allowed – maximum
  • Pages with AdSense must have sufficient content
  • Do not wrap ads around images/media placed on your site
  • Do not give incentives to click ads
  • Do not alter ads in any way – customize on Google’s AdSense website only
Why use AdSense?
  • Its easy, you bring in organic traffic from SEO and the ads can be clicked by your visitors
  • There are a ton of customization options for various Ad setups
  • Most of the better niches can have high dollar amounts for clicks – often $5.00 dollars or more per click
  • Smooth integration of quality ads, companies are providing really nice looking graphics
SEO Tip: Many online searchers often think websites with no advertising may be lower quality or less established, people expect to see ads on your posts/pages
Types of Adsense Ads:
  • Text, Images and Text, or Images only
  • Link lists – various styles, but basically drop down list of anchor text links (no descriptions)
  • Headers (720×90)
  • Sidebars (horizontal and vertical styles)
  • Squares (100×100 to 250 x 250)
How to Use AdSense?
  1. Visit Google AdSense website –
  2. Register
  3. Customize ad options – get HTML code
  4. Place code on your website – widgets, sidebars, .php files, many places!
Pretty simple isn’t it?
No doubt, of course the hardest part is all of the content writing, website design, and search engine optimization that will be needed to bring in large amounts of organic traffic in the first place.  But, if you can accomplish all that, AdSense is a very smart, fast, and easy way to start monetizing your website.  For some business or retail based websites you might want to stay away from using AdSense if it is placing a lot of direct competition onto your site.  Getting paid for a click but losing your sales to another competitor is not going to be a smart strategy, so remember what your real goal is with advertising on your domain.
SEO Tips for Ad Optimization:
  • Match color themes with your website – looks integrated and users will browse the ads more
  • Keep text the same as your content – match linking style as well
  • Make sure ads fit your page – widget areas, headers, content boxes, are great spots to place ads where they blend in
  • Use the heatmap to target high click areas for web visitors
Google's research on where online visitors click the most
This info graphic really helps give you a strong sense of how website visitors are viewing and interacting with website pages at first landing.  This is directly from Google’s online research done for their AdSense platforms.  They recommend optimizing your landing pages to place AdSense in the highest clicked areas possible.  From this heat map, we see that the high click areas are being shown in orange and red.  Most WordPress and other blogging templates will have a lot of the “high click” zones targeted by widgets, sidebars, headers, and more so you can easily implement your AdSense code.  Don’t forget that you cannot edit or alter the AdSense code once you take it from Google’s website.  So customize your ads the best you can using Google’s tools and options, often times they blend in very nicely and add a sense of legitimacy to your domain.
AdSense is a very ethical and honest advertising method, you’ll see no problems with Google payments or what not as long as you play by the rules.  It does take serious traffic volumes to produce steady income from PPC ads, but it is very possible and many of the top money makers online use AdSense.  So hurry up and sign-up for AdSense, start writing more and more content and see if you can turn a few dollars with Google’s ad platform.

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