Organic Internet Traffic is Important

There are different ways in which you can get traffic to your site. One of the more common methods is to increase organic traffic coming to your website. Some people call it SEO traffic, or keyword targeted traffic. When you are interested in improving the search rankings of a webpage, keyword targeted traffic is what is important. Web traffic of this kind actually improves how visible your blog is to others. Basically, the more traffic you can get coming to your site, the influence you have over the visitors. More interaction between possible consumers and your website is the ultimate goal, so organic sources of internet traffic are always welcome. SEO targeted rankings are this way and it pays to know that organic traffic is something of the high conversion traffic kind. This is because organic traffic is usually related to keywords targeting the market or industry for your products and services.
Think of your SEO education as evolving and growing with your business website.
All this talk of web traffic might confuse you. If you want to know more about the importance of traffic and visitors, there are some articles on this site that are more in depth about keyword targeted traffic that may interest you. You’ll need to be fairly familiar with SEO terminology if you intend on increasing rankings for your business or personal website. It’s difficult maintaining an SEO campaign if you do not have a good understanding of the lingo. With new knowledge, comes new possibilities. Think of your SEO education as evolving and growing with your business website.  The more you know about the internet and social networking, the greater likelihood that your SEO campaign will be successful.
If you have a blog or  website, it’s important for yo to be visible to others. If people cannot find your site or blog, all of your hard work put into maintenance and content building goes to waste. Not to mention the fact that if you plan on selling products online it is extremely important for your site to be easily accessible to potential customers. A customer who never had the opportunity to read or learn about your product or service is never going to be a sale. Brand visibility is key to all marketing campaigns, and this is true about the internet too. SEO is a great way to achieve this goal without spending large sums of money on advertising.
Targeted keywords bring you traffic that will convert on your services/products
SEO stands for search engine optimization and it basically just requires targeted keywords to be placed in conjunction with the appropriate page you want people to visit. The keyword has to be in correlation with the content on the page or the process would be pointless. You wouldn’t want people finding your site through the search term “red dresses” when it directs them to a page that sells “blue shoes”. You would never make sales because consumers finding the page are looking for something other than what is provided by your site.  This is where keyword targeted traffic comes in. Choosing the correct keywords is difficult and a major part of the SEO process. If you choose keywords that are not going to convert, or generate no search traffic, they will never bring more visitors to your page.  SEO-friendly sites normally use keyword optimized content in hopes of creating a contextual relationship between their page and a particular search term. The hope is that this, in turn, will improve your site’s rankings in the search engines. Another benefit of improving rankings for industry related keywords, is that every time your site moves up, a competitors is moving down. Less visibility for your competition is a good thing for your site too. As more people will likely purchase from your webpage if it ranks above others in your same market. SEO is an integral part of online marketing, webpages that don’t currently employ some kind of strategy should consider starting some basic link building as soon as possible.
Now that you know what keyword targeted traffic is, you can start researching relevant keywords for your industry. Any new keywords that your site starts ranking on are just new potential avenues for sales. Here are a few tips regarding keyword research:
  • Target low competition keywords. Often times highly competitive search queries have strongly established sites or “authority” sites ranking in the top 10 positions. It can be nearly impossible to break into many of these markets. Think about general keywords like “pizza”, Domino’s and Little Caesars would be very hard to out rank no matter how many back links you create.
  • Low cost per click search terms are usually not as competitive as the high dollar words. A keyword that can bring 30 dollars from one click will always be harder to rank for than a 3 dollar cost per click word. This can be a great indicator of how difficult a keyword can be to rank on.
  • Look at related search terms, there are usually several variations of any search query, try to encompass all keywords related to your product or service. Not just terms that you come up with as related, see what Google and other users think your site is about.
  • Use the “exact” search term option, not the “broad” filter. The “broad” option does not give realistic estimations for potential traffic. Also make sure you look at local search results and not global. Make sure search traffic is coming from the right country.
When managing an SEO campaign, keep in mind that your pages and posts, need to be unique and well written content. And any writing should correlate to the keywords you are trying to rank for. If your articles are never legible, or copied from somewhere else, no matter how many links to a page you create, your site will never rank well. With the new Panda update it is clear that content is king, unique content that is. Your search rankings will definitely increase if you have quality content targeting strong keywords.

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