Blog Comments

There are many to generate backlinks for your website; some carry a lot more weight than others.  Blog commenting is not on the heavy side as far as backlink weight is concerned. But, there are some quality benefits to gaining new backlinks through blog comments.
The main focus of any manual blog commenting that will be done for link building to your main site, is relevance and quality.  Make sure you are commenting on websites that have similar views, topics, and keywords as your own site.  This will greatly help the small weight you’ll receive from this style of linking, many of which are going to be approved since it IS relevant and on-topic as well.  Look to find blogs that have been around for longer than your own or have a page rank of at least 2 or 3.  If you have many options for the keyword and niche your blogging, than pick PR3+ blogs only, but if its pretty lonely, any blogs will contribute.
SEO Blog Commenting Tip –
(More domains, less comment backlinks per domain > Less domains, more comment backlinks per domain)
SEO Search Tips:
  • search format = real estate “add comment” url:blog
This will help Google give a list of results that follow the following conditions:
  • “blog”  in the url
  • real estate subject
  • “add comment” somewhere on the page
You can play around with this for better results
Use this SEO strategy to greatly reduce your search times for relevant and high page rank blogs to comment on.
SEO Blogging Tips:
  • Post on blogs relevant to your website
  • Keep comments unique and related
  • Always write at least 25+ words
  • Links in the comment text often get rejected
  • Place your url in the add:website box
It’s a good idea to use a username that relates to the keywords your trying to target so you can rank higher in the search engine results.
John Poster = Bad Keywords in User name/ Good acceptance rate, not spam or robot
Buy Discount Nike Shoes Sale = Great Keywords/Bad acceptance rate, almost always rejected for spam
John@ Nike Shoes = Good keywords with Nike+Shoes/Good acceptance rate, not spam or robot *Winner*
I normally suggest to client’s that blog commenting should be done naturally and regularly on blogs that are relevant to your niche, profession, and products/services.  You’ll build connections by impressing others or joining discussions and such, Google loves to see this and it’s a sign that you and your domain are actively involved with your market and readers.  This helps promote the trust and authority of your website, don’t over do it and spam, but regularly add worthwhile content in comments for blogs around your niche and stick with the big players.

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