Is There A Difference Between Safe-lists And Acquiring My Own List And Which One Should I Use

Keeping a mailing that you can send your promotions to is one of the most important things you can do to help insure your online success. Nearly every Internet marketer online will tell you that without an email list you have nothing. I have been asked over and over if people can merely use safe-lists and other list building programs or if they should build their own mailing lists. Want to learn more? Visit: seo basics

Here we'll answer this question and hopefully give you a better idea on how you should run your email marketing.

Let's take a look at safe-lists Safe-lists are lists that consist of mostly Internet marketers. The manner by which it works is you can usually join for free or for a fee. Once you sign up you will be getting emails from other Internet marketers who are likewise a member of the site. Generally, every email you receive will include something called a credit link that you will need to click on to earn credits, this is known as a credit based safe-list Here, you can trade your credits for emailing other members, and when they get your email they will have to click the credit link to get credits and they see your site when they do.

The big concern with safe-lists is that no one is there to pay for anything. While you may make a sale here and there by using these safe-lists, it is not sufficient to make it worth your while.

Still, safe-lists have a spot in Internet marketing. Now, if you would like to have your own list, safe-lists can help you develop it. You simply provide something of value gratis in exchange for people's email addresses. This is the most simplistic way to get started developing your own list.

Now, there is one thing you really should realize if you're serious about becoming and remaining an Internet marketer and that is You Need Your Own Mailing List. If you ask anybody who has been in Internet marketing for some time they will tell you that you can generate more or less $1 a month for every person you have on your own list. Now, I know what you're thinking, "One dollar, yay", but if you think about it this way 100 people equals $100 and 1,000 people equals $1,000 are you beginning to see how essential it is now?

This is an average as each person on your mailing list is not going to simply pay for a $1 product from you each month. What this means is when you email your list with a good subject line and good content in the email marketing a good product, you can expect to make more or less 1 sale for every 50 people on your list every month. To explain this a bit better, 1 person out of every 50 purchases a product worth $50 to you per month, that equals an average of $1 per person.

Another thing about developing your own email list instead of utilizing a safe-list is you can send out your offers anytime you want. And unlike safe-lists that restrict your mailings and the number of people you can mail to, you can build your mailing list as big as you want and email them whenever you want. There are likewise many ways that you can begin growing your list. Safe-lists can help you to develop your list but there are a lot of other options to list building. One technique which is extremely popular is just by putting a form on your site or blog so people can sign up for your free newsletter. You can use traffic exchanges and other no-cost programs to help you grow your mailing list. The point is it is endless.

Thus, safe-list or your own list, which one should you focus your efforts on? You should be using safe-lists but only to the point where it is helping you build your own list.

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