Blogging As A Venue Of Expression

The latest craze in the internet is the blog. It has become so popular that if asked, nobody will say that they are ignorant of this latest thing in the internet. While the vast majority of internet users are aware of the blog, it is most popular among the teenagers who can be found blogging away more and more of their time.

Today's youth who grew up in the world of the internet and the information and communication facilities it offers are totally at home not only in expressing their most private thoughts in the internet but are even soliciting and expecting reactions. They see nothing special about information technology advances that they use daily and routinely. Unlike older writers who sometimes tend to experience moment of stagnation, the teens can be seen blogging effortlessly.

The rapid emergence of blogs can be attributed to the unequaled characteristic of the platform where teens can acquire a sense of satisfaction from expressing themselves while remaining anonymous if they want to. Even the most timid and shy teenager will feel that they belong among both friends and strangers in a blog community. This allows for them to receive the much-needed attention that many youngsters today want. Parents, guardians and persons of authority are personae non gratae in the blog world of the teenagers, interlopers who must be kept out at all cost.

Though teenagers can write with great alacrity on the blogging platforms, they have very little experience of writing beyond the Internet. This is primarily because publishers of magazines, journals and newspapers are extremely skeptical of publishing young writers. What it means is the blog serves as an outlet for some of these talents that are not being given their due in the outside world.

Blogging has found acceptability among youth since it allows kids a forum wherein they can express themselves and showcase their talents without the restraining arms of the publisher. Teenagers undoubtedly welcome not only the opportunity but also the attention that they usually crave for but seldom get when writing outside of the blogging world.

A distinct feature of blogging is that it provides opportunities for like-minded personalities to meet online and form a bond. It serves many purposes and takes many forms a debating club, an information center, a showplace of talents, a discussion forum, etc. Teenagers can also take comfort in the thought that somebody somewhere and somehow will read whatever they will write about. This could prove to be a psychological relief for teenagers whose parents will for one reason or another be unable to lend a sympathetic ear.

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