Meta Titles

There are a couple of SEO tips for Meta Titles that any good webmaster should know and apply to his site.  First thought should be to remember that your Meta Title will be the very first thing a possible visitor will see when your a result for Google, Yahoo, or Bing. The searcher will see the title, description, and URL of your web page or post, this is the first tidbit of information you can offer to bring them onto your domain.  That is one very crucial piece of information, so always keep that though in your head and take a step back when writing a Meta Title and think, “would I click that if it came up in my search results?”.  I usually adapt a little bit of a different style depending on who my audience is.
Are they a browser looking for funny videos or pictures? Do they need a download or software purchase?  Are they looking for specific hardware and parts, or just browsing the blogs glancing at information?
How does the content on my page/post match these questions, am I looking to entice the casual browser or sell a specific product or service.  What kind of landing page are you using should reflect in the Meta Title as well, if your looking for immediate purchases, than you should incorporate buy, deal, discount, offer, sale, etc that shows this.  Your conversion rate will be higher with the correct type of organic traffic..
First, good keyword research is the most important to understanding where you can make an impact in search rankings.  Try to stay away from highly competitive fields, if you are just doing the research it would take a massive effort and some serious time before you can topple those rankings.  So keep to medium or less competition, where you can make a climb and drive good traffic within a reasonable amount of effort and time.
Now that you have a list of your target keywords, lets put them to use in your titles.
Rules of SEO Meta Titles
  • Remember who your writing too! Who’s going to see this on Google or Yahoo?
  • Never repeat titles on multiple pages; this looks like spam and is “unnatural”
  • Hit your keywords, but use varied tenses and phrases to look natural
  • Always represent your content accurately in your title
  • Don’t go past 6 or 7 words; better to use phrases then sentences
  • Make sense, don’t just pack in keywords, keep it natural and readable to visitors
There’s no one way to write a Meta Title or description for that matter, just look to make sure that it is well-written, keyword targeted and brings a concept to view for the reader.  You’ll have to play with SEO settings and strategies like these to find which works best for you and converts on your content, domain, and visitors.

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