Know What To Write In The Subject Line

It is easy to send an email, but the problem is whether or not it will be opened. The great majority of emails are not even opened and read at all. The trick therefore when sending an email is how not to end up in the garbage bin.

The best way is to write a subject line that will be difficult for the receiver to ignore. The main subject or the intent of the email message of the email is usually stated in the subject line appearing on top immediately below the "To:" line.

On the recipient's screen, the subject line is one of the only fields that the recipient can read without opening the message. Typically, the other fields are "To," "From," "Date Received," and "Date Sent."

The Gatekeeper

The subject line is meant to inform the recipient of the nature or the intent of the email message. The subject line is vital! In fact it can even be considered as the most vital part of an email. Why?

Because it serves as gatekeeper, determining whether the message is viewed by the recipient. If what the subject line says is of no interest to him, then your email will be consigned to "File Thirteen." Obviously, the subject line must convince the receiver of the email's importance and relevance. The key therefore is how best to compose the subject line.

A Blank Subject Line

Leaving the subject line blank isn't an option because many people won't open messages if they don't contain a subject. The recipient may not take the time to open a message if he/she doesn't know what it's about. Also, the onslaught of vicious email viruses has caused people to be cautious, as well they should be.

Many programs will give you a warning box if you try to send a message without a subject line. This feature will effectively keep your uncaptioned email from being opened and read by the recipient, the complete opposite of your intent.

Do not use "Hi."

The word "Hi" is not only overly friendly but will not give any indication of the email content or message. This lack of information might be acceptable for email messages you're sending to friends. Emailing customers or businessmen is a different matter and the subject line should be more clear and specific with your purpose.

Keep in mind what to avoid when typing your subject line. That would be literally and figuratively the key for the recipient to open and read your email.

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