Linking To The Appropriate Sites Can Certainly Create A Massive Difference In Your Search Engine Rankings

Most of you already know that in the event you want to get top search engine rankings, that there are a variety of things that are looked at. One of the things that most folks already know is that they have to have their site keyword optimized. Another thing most of you are mindful of is that you have to have lots of links pointing back to your site from other websites. There is however another factor that many people never think about about their site and their ranking.

There are various factors utilized by Google to figure out a websites position and while some are widely known there are many that are not. Who you link to is amongst the items that will make a difference on how well your web page ranks within the search engine results pages. One thing you should comprehend is that if you have a link to a web page that Google has banned you will see that this is a bad thing. By linking to a site, Google feels that you think that it is a beneficial site that men and women would want to visit, however if Google has banned this site, this will count as a strike against your site. Now you will see that Google, having already banned the one website may take your website and remove it from their results, or perhaps worse they could end up banning your website as well.

This can be a thing that can work in your favor as well. I've actually tested this particular theory out frequently on a number of my sites. Each time I added a good link to an Internet site that Google likes, I found that in a small amount of time my site would receive better rankings. There was no established increase, as a few sites would move only a number of placements while other websites would jump pages at a time.

This can be done by going to You Tube and also adding a video to your site which relates to the subject matter of your website. Including a You Tube video is actually something that helps your site in two ways, first Google loves websites with video and secondly you'll be setting up a link that points to You Tube. You can also just include a link to Google directly, as I found that this strategy also helps. Utilizing these little techniques you may find that your search engine positioning may rise in about a week or so.

But please don't forget you do not want to link to bad sites. Every so often you will receive emails from sites wanting to trade links, before you decide to agree you will want to determine whether that site is even indexed in Google. If the web page is not indexed, there could be a reason, for instance Google removed them from there searches. This doesn't necessarily mean that the site was banned it might just be it's a relatively new site and Google hasn't listed this site in their results yet. When the website is not indexed for any reason, you will understand that even if you do trade links with that website it will not be doing you any good as Google will not realize that they have a link aiming to your website.

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