SEO Strategy

There are many different strategies throughout the web for improving the performance of a websites ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.  Here we are primarily focused on ranking with Google; this is based on their market dominance and massive user following. Yahoo is a distant second, but still can be valuable in your SEO efforts.
Not all websites are going to be alike when starting your SEO campaigns.  If your a brand new domain you’ll hopefully be incorporating your keyword research, niche analysis, and on-page SEO into all the foundation content that’s being written.  But, if the domain has already aged and been online for over 6 months or a year, you can start into the off-page SEO much sooner.
An aged-domain has garnered some trust and authority with search engines, proving over time that it is not malicious or spammy, so when backlinks start pouring in and content starts building, the search engines look favorably on this site as a growing, trusted webpage.  Again, if your working with a new domain make sure to take your time and be patient with your off-page SEO efforts, too much black hat or manipulation will end up hurting you and possibly receiving penalties from Google’s spam bot team.   There is no doubt that Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving and getting better at recognizing what websites they do and do not want to be listed in their search results.  Make sure to keep Google liking you, so read up and stay informed on the changes and news as it comes.
That being said, the basic outline for a websites “search engine optimization” is the following:
On-page SEO:
  • Html Meta tags
  • Unique and Keyword Rich Descriptions/Titles
  • Smart Permalinks and Link Structure (keyword rich)
  • PC Robots.txt
  • Sitemaps
  • Interlinking of Pages/Posts
  • Compliant Coding W3C
  • Fast Loading
  • Directory Submissions – anchor text keywords, main domain
  • Article Marketing – main and page/post backlinks, unique content worth more
  • Blog Commenting – relevant, look for high PR and anchor texts
  • Profile Links – keyword rich descriptions and information, relevant/high PR possible
  • Web 2.0/subdomain blogs – can gain PR with age, can also backlinks to them for deeper structure
  • Forum posting – low weight, quality anchor texts
  • Look for other High PR quality backlinks, be creative
SEO Strategy Tip – Since Google’s Panda updates you really want to write high quality AND high volume content for distribution and backlinking techniques.  You’ll get higher quality inbound links and your backlinking properties will be indexed much faster due to the large content weight.
Content Writing:
  • Keyword rich – not too spammy though
  • Natural structure of writing
  • Spell checked
  • Majority/All unique content – especially for authority sites
  • Use quotes and outside opinions too, just give credit
Update Content Minimums:(more is better..)

  • small low competition niche = 1-2 content posts/pages per month
  • medium competition niche= 5-10 content posts/pages per month
  • high competition + large volume = 20+ content post/page per month
These are some of the most popular and successful SEO strategies for website domain ranking Google SERPs and Yahoo.  It’s also always best to target at least 10 different keywords, this way you will find some traffic gains through long tail keywords from your content.  If you ever feel that backlinks are tiresome and boring, it’s best to commit more time to writing quality and helpful content.  This will payoff, backlinks just help speed up the process, sometimes by a lot.
I promise you that if you follow these procedures, that over the period of a few months to a year you will see quality rankings and traffic.  It all depends on what type of competition you are going up against, some niches or industries have really high search volumes, big marketing money, and larger corporations.  If you are trying to get a low competition keyword than you’ll see results a lot sooner.  Evaluate the budgeting and resources you have available for your online marketing needs then choose keywords that reflect success soon.  You’ll get more competitive and see high rankings as you age, but it may take a year or two for full effect. Hope this is a helpful outline for you guys just starting out.

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