Search Engine Promotion

Search engine promotion - You need to get your domain to the top of search result rankings for specific keywords. This might be to gain web traffic for your business, products, services, affiliate marketing, whatever it may be, without traffic it’s nothing
So the major focus of search engine promotion in 2011 is the strategy of creating backlink networks that point to your main site and “buffer sites”. With the experience of thousands of SEOs over time we have established that Google likes websites that are popular, and to be popular, you need websites to link to you. Creating relationships within your niche and keyword relevance is paramount to success in climbing the rankings for specific keyword terms and phrases. Google, Yahoo, and Bing learn about the content your write and establish throughout the web by reading “inbound links” and their anchor text. Preferably with anchor text that is relevant and targeted at keywords in your niche. Make sure to not overuse the same keywords, but instead customize a small list that you can rotate through of 5-8 keywords of 1-2 words max.   This will help your backlinks look natural and maximize the benefits received toward your ability to rank for certain keywords.
There are many ways to build backlinks and a lot of those ideas are shown on this site. Social media sites, article directories, website directories, blog commenting, forum profiles and signatures, there are literally thousands of various ways to gain in-bound links for a site.  Specific details help you get the link, but make sure to look at the big picture of your SEO efforts.  Make a strategy that will create a “web” of links;setting up 1st tier sub-domain style free blogs like Blogger, WordPress, Squidoo, Hubpages and such offer an excellent way to distribute “spammy” link juice tactics with a domain that can gain PR to support and buffer your backlinks. These are methods that you must employ in a relevant way, with unique or a majority unique content for maximum benefits.
Google places a lot of trust in aged authority websites; there’s nothing more powerful than high PR, low outbound link, relevant backlinks from sites that already hold steady traffic in your niche or market.
The heart of search engine promotion is backlink building. It tells the search engines that your domain is authenticate and popular, the higher PR and more credible links you get, the more weight you gain. Find other ways to spread out links and build a large promotion for your website. This is the only way search engines will believe you to be popular and legitimize you domain for seeing the top rankings. Keep at it and you’ll see your organic traffic rise steadily.

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